Supercharge your robotics development using the cloud
Rocos brings the power of the cloud to your robotics development toolset. Get your robotics test lab running in minutes.
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Test with virtual robots

Run your code on one or more virtual robots without risking your expensive hardware.

Pick a SITL image or an operating system from the Rocos library or bring your own.

Test your code and interact with your robots through a ground control station.

Test your real-world robots

Easily send telemetry streams from your robot hardware to the Rocos platform for analysis and replay.

Rocos loves both MAVLink and ROS-based robots with support for other flavors coming soon.

Simulation made simple using the cloud

Setup single- or multi-robot simulations and run them at scale.

Rocos supports Gazebo in the cloud and takes care of the infrastructure and configuration so you can get on with your development.

Stream and process live telemetry

Record and analyze data coming off the robot. Replay control sequences or compare sessions to tune your robotics applications.

Send up your image streams for processing with libraries such as OpenCV running in the cloud.

Use all that juicy data to train Machine Learning algorithms or perform other compute-intensive modelling.

Run robotics competitions

Virtual robots and cloud-based simulation in one collaborative platform makes Rocos an ideal place to host your own robotics competitions.

Get your team together and get coding - Rocos will take care of the rest.

Orchestrate complex swarm behavior

Trigger serverless code based on robot activity or execute long running processes to give your robots’ functionality a power-boost.

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