A centralized brain to manage your robots
Rocos brings the power of robotics to your organisation, providing you with all the tools you need to operate robot solutions at scale.
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Connect your existing robots

Effortlessly gather live telemetry and video from existing robots. Operations dashboards let you monitor and control them live.

Rocos loves both MAVLink and ROS based robots with more support coming soon.

Co-ordinate the fleet

Write and deploy scripts that co-ordinate your robots from the central brain.

Provide your Robots as a Service (RaaS) by exposing your solution with APIs.


Monitor live streams of telemetry and call 3rd party APIs to integrate your robots with the enterprise.

Analyze Telemetry

Record and analyze data coming off the robot. Replay control sequences or compare sessions to tune your robotics applications.

Use the data to improve the Machine Learning models running on the edge, or in the Cloud.

Augment image streams

Connect live video streams to tools like OpenCV on cloud-based GPUs.

Test with Virtual Robots

Run your latest firmware in the cloud to test before your deploy.

Test your latest co-ordination services on a fleet of virtual robots.

Data streams and control dashboards are available for all the virtual robots.

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