We bring the power of the Cloud to robotic software solutions

Design, deploy, orchestrate, and visualise software running on your connected robots, while accessing all the best the Cloud has to offer. Share and consume services in our marketplace, including machine learning and AI nodes, 3rd party APIs and other Cloud services.

  • Power Up
  • Launch
  • Cloud Control

The home of your digital twins

Create, configure and operate your robots' digital twins. Our platform provides a runtime for executing and monitoring robot code in the Cloud

Let us do the boring stuff

We take care of your Cloud deployments, networking, hosting, monitoring and Cloud resource management, leaving you to focus on building world-class robotic solutions

Run your ROS nodes in the Cloud

Program just like you normally do - then deploy your ROS nodes to our compute fabric for execution. Easily create hybrid solutions - some on-robot ROS nodes, some in the Cloud, the choice is up to you

Features to make the Cloud your robots' home away from home

Our platform is designed to supercharge the development of robotics solutions. We want to put the power of the Cloud at your fingertips so you can build the future.

  • Swarm Integration

    Use our message bus to easily connect your robots together with high-volume, low-latency messaging

  • Multi-channel Visualisation

    Craft your own telemetry streams in whatever structure suits your use case, or bind them to our visualisation engines for geospatial, VR or AR

  • Secure Networking

    We manage your swarm's network address space so you don't have to - secure, reliable networking for your mobile and fixed robots

  • Robot, meet Big Data

    We take all those valuable streams of telemetry and event data and tip them into a queryable analytics space, where you can mine to your heart's content

  • Simulation before obliteration

    Safely simulate your robot's behaviour before deploying your solution into the real-world. We provide your digital twins with all the simulated inputs you need to ensure optimal behaviour before deployment

  • Built with ROS in mind

    We can hoist your headless ROS nodes straight up into the Cloud in a matter of minutes. Use the Rocos console to bridge their topic data into the Cloud

Coming to a cloud near you

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