Cloud Robotics Platform

The Rocos cloud-based robotics platform is designed to connect, monitor, and control robot fleets. Managing the operations of your robots with the Rocos robot fleet management platform is simple. Secure and scalable, Rocos enables you to get to market - fast.

Connect and Automate Your Robots Within Minutes.

Connect your robots to our platform in minutes. Whether your robots run on ROS, Mavlink, or something else, the Rocos platform integrates seamlessly with your robotics stack of choice to enable cloud-based monitoring and control of your robot.

Control your Autonomous Robots from Low-Latency Cloud-Based Custom Dashboards.

The Rocos platform supports ultra-low latency video streaming and real-time teleoperation of your entire autonomous mobile robot fleet - via the cloud. Rocos makes it easy to create customized dashboards to display the data your robots generate, in a way that makes the most sense to your operations and technical teams.

Enable your Teams to Automate and Monitor your Fleet by Integrating your Robots on a Central Platform.

Live data feeds provide information on the location, health, and status of each robot. Monitor and analyze your robot telemetry, trigger automated events, and execute commands and missions with ease.

Leverage Cloud Components as a Backend for your Robotics Fleet.

Rocos makes it easy to send data to the cloud from multiple robots, as well as share data between robots running on a local network, even in cloud denied environments. You can explore all historical data of your robots that you have chosen to capture in the cloud. Cloud computing enables you to view data on a specific robot and further drill down to find a specific telemetry log if required.

A Robotics Platform that Scales Operations with Ease.

The Rocos platform scales as you do. As you add more robots to your fleet, the ability to analyze data across all connected devices becomes very important. You’ll benefit from the ability to analyze robot health, monitor payloads, and control all of your robots through our centralized cloud software platform.

Rocos is dedicated to accelerating the real life application of emerging autonomous robotics technology. Our flexible cloud platform helps robotics companies get to market faster, and enables them to scale quickly from 10 to 10,000 robots.

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