MULTI-Robot Operations Platform

Managing Collaborative and Multi-Robot Systems

The Rocos Robot Operations Platform makes it easy to manage a collaborative robot fleet running on multiple robot stacks. With native integration to ROS and MAVlink, our software helps you optimize the features and capabilities of all your robots in one central place. Our vision is to accelerate the real life application of autonomous robotics technology. Our platform helps teams connect, deploy, and run live robotic operations at scale — something mechatronics teams often struggle with.

Fleet and Multi-Robot Simulations

Our software collects data from multiple agents to enable group navigation of your robots in both a physical or simulated environment. Monitor the health of your robots with custom dashboards, allowing you to better manage and control the behaviour of your fleet. Coordinate, analyze, and monitor all robot data through the Rocos platform.

Programming Multiple Robots

Build, test, and deploy multiple robots with digital twin technology, allowing you to emulate your physical robots within a replicated virtual environment. Synchronize your autonomous mobile robots to work collaboratively as a team and control all your missions remotely through a centralized platform. Our robot system scales with your business enabling you to control multiple robots, no matter how many you have! Improve the operational efficiency of robots at scale with the Rocos Robot Operations Platform.

Multi-robot data collection platform
Cloud-based custom dashboards for managing your robots.

Build Cloud-Based Custom Dashboards

Our multi-robot system supports ultra-low latency video streaming and real-time teleoperation to control your robots through the cloud. Plan, deploy, and control robot missions remotely and monitor live dashboard information on the location, health, and status of each robot. Our collaborative cloud software is leading the charge in robotics operations.

Enable Fleet Operation as a Team

Rocos is your complete multi-robot system. Improve the performance and reliability of your robot workforce through mission planning and playback, live low-latency video streams, remote teleoperation, and offline data capture. Our robot data collection platform is cloud-based and can be remotely accessed from anywhere, anytime. This enables your global teams to connect, monitor, and control multiple robots from locations around the world.

Controlling a Multi-Robot Fleet

Once your robot fleet starts to grow from 1 to 10 to 100, or more, the need for centralized mission-control becomes increasingly important. Rocos makes it easy to send activity data to the cloud from multiple robots and also share data between robots running on a local network. This solves a significant stability challenge and enables you to relay data from one robot to another - regardless of whether you’re operating in internet-denied environments. 

The platform uses simultaneous localization and mapping, aka SLAM, to enable multiple robots to align the sensor data they collect on the go and build a map of their surroundings for navigation.

Connect Multiple Robots with Ease.

It’s simple to connect, control, and operate hybrid multi-robot fleets on the Rocos Robot Operations platform. All ROS robots integrate natively, and with the MAVLink plugin you can manage dashboards, commands, and buttons for multiple robots at once. Rocos also provides developers with the ability to integrate their own applications with the platform, providing access to APIs and SDKs.

With Rocos, you can manage and coordinate your multi-robot fleet in a single cloud-based platform. Capture and compare important data and analytics to ensure better management of your collaborative robots and continuously improve operational efficiency.