Robot Management Software

Rocos is a cloud-based robot management system designed to connect, monitor, and control robots. Remotely coordinate and optimize the live operations of your entire robot fleet, and efficiently test, deploy, and analyze all data streams through our flexible and secure robot management system.

Robot Management Platform
Manage your robots through Rocos software

Centralized Robot Management Platform

As the adoption of autonomous mobile robots accelerates, robotics teams need to run live robot operations at scale - something mechatronics teams often struggle with. Rocos is a centralized robot management system that enables remote teleoperation of your robots from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Connect, Monitor, and Control Robots in Real-Time

Connect your robots in minutes through reliable and secure APIs, SDKs, and a configurable web portal with cloud and local network connectivity. Monitor the status, health, and uptime of your entire robot fleet in real-time, so you can make changes on the go to improve operations and maximize efficiency in your fleet.

Increase Efficiency of Robot Operations

Rocos enables you to detect issues as they occur and send alerts from your robots in real-time. Our robot management software allows you to troubleshoot and discover the cause of the problem quickly, and remotely - reducing the downtime of your robots and ultimately improving operational efficiency and the autonomy of your fleet.

Customized Robot Management Software
Customized Robot Dashboards

Customize Robot Dashboards

Use our customized dashboards with ultra low latency telemetry to view all your robot data and configure alerts and diagnostics on the information that’s important to you. The dashboard uses widgets to visualize live data from your robot. Widgets are bound to data values through Data URIs which are used to identify the specific level of telemetry data you want to display. Widgets can be bound to either a Data Stream (stored telemetry data with a set sample rate) or a Teleop Connection (a live subscription to the robot).

Enable Multi-Operator Multi-Robot Teams

Rocos seamlessly integrates with multiple robot stacks allowing you to design and execute multi-robot missions. Our robot management system gives you the flexibility to scale as your robot fleet grows from 1 to 100 or more, allowing your teams to remotely access, control, and operate multiple robots at once.

Connect with Secure and Reliable APIs

Rocos natively integrates with ROS but it also supports MAVLink and other mission critical applications. This enables you to securely operate hybrid robot fleets, whether it’s for cleaning, delivery, or inspection - through the provision of reliable and secure APIs. Rocos provides developers with the ability to integrate their own applications into our robot management software using API/SDK access.

Rocos software provides a complete and secure robot management service that shortens the time-to-market for companies looking to automate physical robot fleets and reduce the overheads of operating them.