Robotics Fleet Management

Operations software for robotics fleet management

Whether you manage 1 or 10,000 robots, the Rocos Robot Operations Platform allows you to connect, monitor, and control your entire fleet - at scale. 

Our cloud-based robot management software reduces operational complexities, security risks, software development costs, and the overheads involved in managing your robots - mobile, collaborative, or any other type.

Manage fleets of robots through customized dashboards
Manage robotic fleets through customized dashboards

Monitor and Analyze Your Robot Fleet

Rocos enables you to analyze and monitor your robot fleet from anywhere in the world. Stay informed of the status and health of your robot fleet with customized dashboards that show the data most important to you. Configure alerts based on things like uptime, battery levels and charging times. Schedule events, collect data, and run diagnostics that suit your needs.

Efficient Robot Fleet Management

Custom dashboards provide the real-time insights you need to identify low latency periods, detect and resolve operational issues, and improve the overall efficiency of your robot fleet. By optimizing the automation of your fleet, you’ll ultimately increase production - helping you get to market, fast.

Digital Twins to Test Your Environment

Digital twin technology enables you to emulate your physical robots within a replicated virtual environment. You have the ability to test run-time simulated scenarios, gain insight into areas that are underperforming, saving you time in the long run. The continuous mirroring of telemetry allows for real-time and offline programming of your robots in order to improve the operational efficiency of your entire robot fleet.

Plan Multi-Robot Missions

Plan, schedule, and manage your multi-robot missions through one platform and set up the waypoints or actions required for your autonomous mobile robots to execute. See how Spot from Boston Dynamics and Rocos execute remote inspection missions.

Integrate with ROS, Mavlink, and other mission critical applications

Rocos is built to work seamlessly with ROS-based robots and the Rocos Agent provides unprecedented visibility and control over the way your robots interact with the cloud, other robots, and integrated business systems.

The platform allows you to connect MAVLink based robots with the plugin communicating as either a MAVLink TCP/UDP server or client. The MAVLink plugin is bidirectional; it can both subscribe to MAVLink messages and send them upstream to the Rocos platform, as well as receive downstream messages and publish them into the MAVLink network.

Automate and Scale Robot Operations

Robots are transforming the automation of physical processes in many industries around the globe. Real world use cases in operation today include: 

  • Sending a drone robot out on a delivery
  • Deploying a quadruped robot on an inspection mission
  • Rover robots that analyze soil and crop health in agricultural farming
  • Robots checking the progress and accuracy of a construction BIM
  • Cleaning robots in airports and hospitals
  • Security robots patrolling boundaries

The Rocos Robot Operations Platform enables you to scale your autonomous robot operations - globally. 

Manage Your Robot Fleet - At Scale

As the adoption of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) accelerates, the need for robot fleet management software becomes increasingly important. The Rocos Robot Operations Platform is a secure and reliable cloud-based application, providing the features you need to run a connected, autonomous, and scalable robotic fleet.

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