Automated Inspections Robots.

Reliably inspect sites without endangering human life.

Due to the rising costs associated with inspections, businesses are seeking new ways to reduce asset downtime, capture site data and keep people safe. Autonomous robots hold the answer - providing a better way to perform inspections while keeping operational costs down. Autonomous robots can navigate dirty, dangerous and hard to reach environments - significantly reducing risk to human life. They can reliably monitor sites 24/7 through remote operation and automated missions, saving workers from visiting hundreds of sites in person. Rocos provides a robot operations platform to help you connect, monitor and coordinate your robots. We work with utilities, mining and construction companies around the world, helping them to maximize returns from robot inspections and streamline operations.

Robotic Farming Platform

Robots used for inspections

  • Quadruped robots like Spot
  • Humanoid robots
  • Unmanned aerial drones (UAVs)
  • Autonomous underwater robots
  • Magnetic wheeled climbing robots
  • Scanning system robots
  • Metrology robots
Autonomous Farming Robots
Monitor Robots in Agriculture

Benefits of robots for inspections

  • Reduce risk to human workers
  • Capture real-time site data 24/7
  • Inspect confined or underground spaces
  • Minimize the risk of contamination
  • Identify and assess defects
  • Perform proactive equipment maintenance
  • Avoid costly project overruns
  • Conduct 3D mapping of environments
  • Lower expenditure on resources

Why use Rocos to manage autonomous robots for inspections?

Rocos is a cloud-based solution that helps you manage and monitor autonomous inspection robots - regardless of how many you have on your construction, utilities or mining sites. With Rocos, you can coordinate your robots from a single platform, from any location - reducing complexities and costs, minimizing safety risks and extracting crucial real-time data. Training is streamlined too, with employees only needing to learn a single tool to manage all of the robots in their environment.


Rocos connects all of your robots into a single, integrated interface. This makes it easy to schedule and manage robot inspections on your sites - even in places that are underground or hard to reach. Rocos comes with reliable and secure APIs, SDKs, and a configurable web portal, with cloud and local network connectivity out of the box.


Gain access to real-time data via LIDAR and other sensing payloads. Visualize your robot fleet in 3D models of your work sites and stay informed on the health and status of your robots from any location. Craft your own dashboards that feature ultra low-latency telemetry, and configure the alerts and diagnostics to your business needs.


Take control of your robots - instantly, from where you need it. Quickly design and execute multi-robot missions on sites. Schedule critical tasks like inspections and taking photos of equipment when needed. Rocos provides the tools needed to remotely access your robots, like teleoperation and low-latency video streaming.

How to get started

Interested in reaping the benefits of automated inspection robots, but not sure where to start? Sign up to see the Rocos platform in action.