Rocos is a centralized platform that enables you to efficiently build, test, deploy, automate, and coordinate the day-to-day live operations of tens or thousands of robots. The platform provides a complete and secure service that shortens the time-to-market for companies looking to automate physical robot fleets and reduce the overheads of operating them.

Connected through an agent running on each robot, the Rocos platform enables remote operation, dashboarding, and integration with other systems, as well as local network access for offline operation.

For robotics companies

Gain immediate access to a robotics stack, allowing you to build your unique central control station for your vertical solution. You’ll no longer need to rebuild the non-unique foundation capabilities every robotics company needs.

For enterprise organizations

You get an off-the-shelf solution to connect, manage, automate, and integrate your new robotics workforce.

Rocos is your complete solution for operating robot fleets.

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Data shaping
  • Data analysis
  • Visualization
  • Mission planning and playback
  • Tele-operation
  • Low-latency telemetry and video
  • Local LAN connectivity

All operated through an interface that allows you to coordinate your robot fleet - at scale.


Live Video

Real-time visibility delivered through low-latency peer to peer live video streams.

Remote Control

Teleoperate your robots from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Rocos Connect Your Robot

3D Visualization

Interact, inspect, and gain insight from the data you collect in one operational context.

APIs for Robots

Integrate with ROS, Mavlink, and other mission critical applications.

Rocos Connect Your Robot

Robot Health

Monitor and analyze robot telemetry in real time via ultra-low latency dashboards.

Native Platform Support

Integrate with ROS, Mavlink, and other mission critical applications.

Data Capture

Choose what telemetry data you want to capture, the frequency at which to capture it, and where to store it in the cloud. Offline data caching built in!

Local LAN Connectivity

Share, aggregate and reprocess data between robots — without needing access to the internet. The Rocos agent can connect directly over the LAN to create sophisticated networked solutions.

Mission Management

Design and schedule robot missions through a set of waypoints or actions that can be deployed as required, and integrated with third-party APIs.

3D Visualization

Gain insight into live operations in a 3D context. Load your own custom environments and models and bind live robot data. Includes support for laserscan and point cloud data.

Robot File Access

Get remote access to Linux and Android file system folders through the Rocos portal as well as APIs to make updates and view file contents at any time.

Advanced Security

Meet global standards in cyber-security from day one.

Map Visualization

Indoor and outdoor mapping for managing live operations of a fleet of robots.

Operate Hybrid Fleets

Connect and operate different types of robots - on one platform.


The Rocos platform removes the operational complexities, security risks, software development costs, and overheads involved in managing your robot fleets.



All of your robots on one platform. Securely operate hybrid robot fleets, whether it’s cleaning, delivery, or inspection robots — or any other type you use — through the provision of reliable and secure APIs.


Elegant dashboards enable you to monitor and analyze the health of your robots — in real time. See where your robots are right now, or how they behaved over any period of time you choose.

Reduce the cost of operations

Manage incidents remotely.  Access all the data you need, to deal with a problem or optimize an operation. Take control from anywhere, at any time. Low-latency video streams and control channels mean you have the ability to operate your robots remotely.


Connect and configure your robots securely, in minutes. The Rocos platform provides the flexibility you need to add robots to your fleet as your business requires them.

Peace of mind

Test your code on our virtualized robots, or your own, before deploying in the field. Automate your fleet through the trusted, secure Rocos platform.