Physical process automation is accelerating - at pace. And just as information work has been disrupted by AI and software process automation, physical work is being disrupted by the use of robotics in a wide range of use cases.



  • Examples include floor and ground cleaning of airports, shopping malls and hospitals
  • Provide a consistent quality of service
  • Reduce cost of occupational injury
  • Scale and augment a physical workforce
  • Compliance with critical standards
  • Provision of audit trails
  • Streamlined automated scheduling


  • Examples include rovers monitoring shopping mall areas
  • 24x7 patrols
  • Remove physical people from potential threat
  • Video capture of intrusions or security breaches
  • Virtual communication with bystanders
  • Screen blacklisted individuals
  • Notification and alerts of customized triggers
Rocos Connect Your Robot


  • Examples include drones or ground vehicles inspecting energy infrastructure like powerlines or solar panels
  • Gain access to unexplored, off-grid, or hard to reach territories
  • Assess the safety of an environment
  • Reduce the need for human intervention
  • Check the quality of goods
  • Detect anomalies and damage
  • Ensure reliable equipment performance

Indoor Delivery

  • Examples include restaurants, hotels or moving equipment inside hospitals
  • Reduce cost of moving small items
  • Increased traceability and reliability
  • Increase visibility into where a product is
  • Greater flexibility in delivery times
  • 24 x 7 operation if required
Rocos Connect Your Robot

Outdoor Delivery

  • Examples include convenience store item delivery
  • Accelerate the order fulfillment process
  • Increase visibility into where a product is in the supply chain
  • Autonomous delivery of goods, food, and beverages
  • Convenient return of goods as needed
  • Greater flexibility in delivery times
  • 24 x 7 operation if required


Rocos is a secure and reliable cloud based platform, providing the features you need to run a connected, autonomous robotic fleet.

Mining & Exploration

The use of robotics in mining and exploration is providing new measures of safety and control for the industry, as well as access to confined and hard to reach environments. From the autonomous excavation and transportation of raw materials, to the detection of potentially deadly gases and other nasties, robots help to keep humans out of harm's way.


Providing exceptional customer service is what sees you win in hospitality. Robots are becoming commonplace in providing information, front-desk services like check-in and check-out, concierge services, and interacting with guests to respond to their questions. Robot assistants are improving your guest experience, and the integration of this technology will provide you with speed, cost-effectiveness, and accuracy in the delivery of your service.


Agricultural robots automate slow, repetitive, and dull tasks for farmers, allowing them to focus on improving their operation. Used for weed control, cloud seeding, pollenation, planting seeds, harvesting, environmental monitoring, and soil analysis, robots are emerging as a key technology in agriculture.


Disruptors in retail, robots are changing the way we shop. Robots are being used to direct people to products, process sales, spot mistakes on shelf labels, and monitor stock levels. Robots are enabling retailers to move staff into roles that will help to drive higher, more valuable sales, extending their operation, addressing worker shortages, and reducing costs — all without sacrificing the overall quality of service provided.


Patient care is your highest priority, and the use of robotics where you can take a monotonous and repetitive task away from a skilled person means they can focus on more complex tasks. Whether for cleaning, delivery, dispensing medications, providing a companion, or lifting a patient out of bed, the use of robotics in your healthcare environment will improve the quality of the care you provide.

Services - Cleaning

Every year, services companies lose up to 55% of their total customer base. Brand loyalty is limited, and with an ageing workforce, recruitment is challenging. Low paid, low skilled workers can often be unreliable, with sick leave and high levels of attrition costing your business money. The provision of a connected robot fleet as part of your crew provides you a competitive advantage in delivering a consistent quality of service and delighting your customers.